We believe that Biblical Discipleship is more than just a program- it must be a way of life for followers of Jesus.  Therefore, we encourage and intentionally train our members to spend time pouring the truth of God's Word into one another.  Discipleship can take place in various ways shapes and forms, so here at FBC Oppelo we offer several opportunities for Discipleship.


D-Groups: Members meet in groups of 3-5 people on a weekly basis at a location and time that is convenient to the individuals schedule.  This is a great way to develop close relationships with other believers that will love you, hold you accountable, and help you to grow in your walk with Christ.  


Sunday School: Our Sunday School classes at FBC are wonderful times of growing in the Lord through practical Bible teaching that ministers to our hearts and helps us face the daily situations in our lives.  We believe that not only is Scripture without error but it is also sufficient, meaning that the Bible contains all that we need to know in order to bring glory to God in all that we do!  There are classes for all ages, with one that is just right for you!


Discipleship Training: We also have Discipleship Training courses on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Typically our classes run with the school year, breaking for Christmas and Summer.  These classes cover an array of topics to help with personal spiritual growth.

  June 2021  
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